Add talent to your product design team

Scale your design and development capabilities and reinforce your existing team with committed talent - without having to hire.

Get full-time access to skilled product developers, surface designers, industrial designers and mechanical engineers that are ready to conquer your challenges.

Increase your development pace

Do you realize that your company's development pace or design competence doesn't align with the expectations on your product roadmap?

Use our design studio as your extended product design team to shorten your time to market. You'll get a dedicated team of specialists with a design thinking mindset and fresh ideas on your journey to success.

Add a cross-functional development team

Do you lack an R&D department or have you sometimes wished that you had one extra to use?

Let's partner up and we can handle your complete product development project, from idea to shipping box.

You will get a cross-functional team full of cherry-picked specialists from our sister companies in vinn* where we handle the whole range of expertise from project management, industrial design, optics, IoT, electrical hardware, UX, mechanical engineers and service design.

Product Design Sprint

Do you have product ideas that needs to be evaluated in a short time?

Are you struggling to decide on which direction to take to satisfy the market?

We can help you to ideate, prototype and test to get real valuable user feedback in 2 weeks.

User Experience Analysis

Do you really know what your customers think about using your products?

Are the products as user-centered as they could be?

We will help you get to the core by research and study your customer's experience and give you suggestions for improvement to achieve future-proofed products.

Circular Design Workshop

What actions have you made to secure that your products are designed for circular consumption?

Let's have a workshop together where we explore the business opportunities for product circularity from a user perspective.

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