This is what happens when visions come true

We have an extensive list of clients, worldwide, and we have been a crucial part of over 300 projects in various industries. We have worked with product design, precision mechanics, electronics and optical elements in compact volumes without ever compromising on user-experience, quality or product expression

Yovinn is a partner that has been committed to Smart Eye's product development for a long time. Our experience is that Yovinn as a company is responsive to the customer's wishes and offers experienced mechanical designers with a focus on delivery.
Henrik Lind
CRO | Smart Eye
The team from Yovinn have been a dream team. You show such passion for the task, and commitment to solving problems with creative height. It has been a pleasure working with you.
Bengt Lindqvist
Product Manager | Qmatic
Yovinn has introduced us to new methods of working with customers. Thanks to collaborative VR, our customers can work remotely, side-by-side with designers in the early stages of the design phase, providing invaluable information. Yovinn has a skilled team of product developers who work with us to ensure flexible, functional and aesthetic pleasing products that aim to exceed customer expectations
Roger Aure
Head of Design & Head of Flight Test | Vice 21

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

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