”Revolutionising design for the ambulance transport system”

Yovinn is Vipe 21’s design and development partner to help realize their vision of creating an entirely new generation of EMS (Emergency Medical Services) in the air and on road.

”Thanks to collaborative VR the doctors can work side-by-side with the designers”

Yovinn is a design and development partner of Vipe 21, working to create a new generation of ambulance transport systems for air and road transportation. Vipe 21's mission is to transform the entire transport system for patients, ensuring safe and efficient transport by helicopter and ambulance car.


The biggest challenge in designing ambulance systems is balancing user-friendliness, efficiency, and robustness with space and weight limitations. Different types of stretchers and incubators need to fit in various types of aircraft and ambulance cars.

When designing a successful product, it all starts with the user. Yovinn have introduced Vipe 21 to new methods of working with customers, including collaborative virtual reality, which allows doctors to work side-by-side with designers in the early stages of the design process, providing invaluable information.

Yovinn designed a modular fastening system for multiple stretchers and incubators that is user-friendly and has many clever features. The system can be used in several different types of helicopters with different configurations. The project is still under development, but the first series of products are set to launch in 2023.


”By combining innovative design methods and a focus on the user, Yovinn and Vipe 21 are revolutionizing the ambulance transport system, providing safe and efficient transport for patients in need”