”Perfecting VR tracking

Qualisys wanted to expand it's product portfolio with a new category for the entertainment sector by introducing an active tracking solution for LBVR (Location Based Virtual Reality) for animation and virtual reality applications.

Making ergonomics and functionality meet

”Insights paved the way for greatness”

Designing an aesthetic product that works ergonomically and functionally with all the tracing techniques takes time and effort. In addition to more than just looking pleasing and functioning the way it is supposed to perform, the final product shall also strengthen Qualisys offer and brand promise, which is an inspirational challenge.

Qualisys VR 3
Qualisys VR 4

The tracing technique presented real challenge for the design team because we could not place active markers in a symmetrical pattern. And designing an innovative product that poses as trustworthy when it is unknown to the industry also requires some thinking outside-the-box mentaly. How could a product like this look, and how could it attach to crucial spots on the body– (the head, pelvis, and each hand and foot) to achieve the best tracing results? Our design and solution were narrowed down to a final concept through extensive testing and building mockups during the development phase.

”The Traqr is plated with four active markers. Active targets emit light, rather than reflect light, allowing tracking of 100+ targets without the need for unique marker patterns”