Design strategy as starting point" 


Our collaboration with Gardena started as a strategic assignment to define new design guidelines for the Gardena brand and for all their products.

Smart Sileno Robotic Mower

“Parallel with our strategic work we also designed and developed the new robotic mower, Smart Sileno” 

An extensive design work was carried out by the design team to explore and understand how different form factors, design elements, textures, materials, colors and more could be implemented throughout the whole product range in a clear, consistent and distinctive way to communicate the cores of the Gardena brand through their products. 

Sketches Smart Sileno Robotic Mower Yovinn Gardena
Sketches Smart Sileno Robotic Mower Yovinn Gardena

As a start, our initial focus was directed on one Hero product, the Robotic Mower, which allowed us to explore and evaluate our design concepts “early on” with the aim of identifying and selecting the best potential design directions.  


The creative process began with an extensive design mapping phase, followed by an iterative design concept phase. Together with the project team, we evaluated many different design directions to see how well and consistently these designs could be implemented throughout the range, keeping in mind the strategic work of defining a new  product design language system. 


"The design of Smart Sileno shaped the new design language for the Gardena brand. It was recognized by Red Dot Design Award for its markedly friendly appeal and ease of use"