”Saving time and money is saving lives

Success for any helicopter operator is time and efficiency, and several types of missions require adaptations of the cargo bay. Yovinn developed a revolutionary modular system for attaching patients and cargo.

Real life observations

”In a world where downtime never is an option, every second counts”

When designing the Search and Rescue Med-Evac Stretcher Kit for Heli-One, a crucial step was to analyse the chain of actions and break it down step by step in order to identify where to save time, money, and lives.

Heli-One 3
Heli-One 4

The analysis showed that the current solution took 9 minutes to fasten the patient on to the ambulance helicopter. After months of hard work, Yovinn managed to come up with an intuitive solution that secured the patient in less than 30 seconds. Sometimes, overdelivering feels right!

”Sometimes, overdelivering feels right”