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CTR9 is the next generation of fully automatic spot welder for the workshop industry. The design contributes to a more equal profession, improved health, fewer sick leaves and increased profitability.

Yovinn has together with Car-O-Liner developed the next generation fully automatic spot welder for the automotive industry. Sick leave due to work-related injuries is three times as common in the engineering industry compared to office work. The development of CTR9 have increased the opportunities to handle welding regardless of gender and physical characteristics and contribute to a more equal professional group.

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The CTR9 consists of a handheld spot welder and a flexible support arm that is mounted on the control unit. The support arm helps to lift and hold the weld and the wheeled control unit provides great freedom of movement. In addition, the possibility to weld in different body positions is required depending on where on the body the welding is to be performed and the yoke can therefore rotate 355°.

The new design provides ergonomic advantages and enables different grips and welding situations. CTR9 makes welding work faster, safer and more precise. The design contributes to a more equal professional group, improved health, fewer sick leave and better profitability.

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”Aside from winning awards, the product took Car-O-Liner as a brand to a new level”