A tough handset that always have your back

Ascom d83 Protector is the toughest, most versatile enterprise grade DECT handset ever made. Yovinn has been responsible for mechanical design from the first idea to the final certified product. We have delivered genius precision mechanics, surface modelling, mechanical project management and prepared the product for full-scale production.


Air curtain design for exclusive establishments

Yovinn helped Frico to design their most energy-efficient air curtain, Sierra. It is designed to be customizable in different styles for the optimal look & feel.


Designing a wearable tracker for VR-gaming

Qualisys asked us for help with product design and mechanical engineering of their trackable target - Traqr. We empowered them with a short time to market.

Lotus Education

From idea to launched product – in 6 weeks

When listening to a podcast about Agility, an idea sparked that would fill a big need on the market. In 6 weeks, we had gone from idea to selling our first product to very enthusiastic customers.


Top-notch surface modeling for premium golf cars

Garia asked us for help to design and define exterior parts for their off-road range of golf cars. It is for sure the world’s most stunning and exclusive off-road golf car.


New design direction for Qualisys cameras

We helped Qualisys with Industrial Design of Arqus - the industrys highest performing motion capture camera. Arqus is used for precise motion capturing of elite athletes in harsh environments.

Smart Eye

Optomechanics for high-performance eye trackers

We had the honor to deliver expertise in the field of compact design challenges, precision mechanics combined with high optical tolerances. The result became Smart Eye's next generation of screen-based eye-trackers (AI-X) for research within marketing, UX and media.

GE Additive

Powder Recovery System for GE Additive

Yovinn helped GE Additive with Industrial Design and Mechanical Design for their fully automatic PRS 30 system. Post-processing and powder recovery from EBM (Electron Beam Melting) parts has never been more optimized for the user.


Reduced sick-leave by human-centered design

Car-O-Liner as a brand was taken to a completely new level with the release of their award-winning spot welder CTR9 - used by the automotive repair industry. Yovinn did the Industrial Design, surface modeling and mechanical solutions together with the talented Car-O-Liner Engineering Team.

GE Additive

Designing for high-end Additive Manufacturing

The evolution of a revolution! Yovinn helped GE Additive with the exterior design of the Spectra H - their largest EBM machine. We were an extended partner from the earliest of sketches to start of production. During the journey we put much effort in designing for the best user experience - as always.


Saving time. Saving money. Saving lives.

Profit and survival for any helicopter operator is spelled time and efficiency. Multiple mission types call for on-the-fly adaptations of the cargo bay. And in a world where downtime is a no-no, every second count. When designing the Search and Rescue Med-Evac Stretcher Kit for Heli-One, we knew we could not only save time and money - but also lives. Overdelivering has never felt so good.


We helped Bombardier to close a 140M € deal

Yovinn was Bombardier's design partner in their pitch for new M33 trams for Gothenburg and Göteborgs Spårvägar. Our design concept and Bombardier's technical proposal was selected as #1 among the seven competitors in the public procurement. This was a true success story for Bombardier that shows the true power of design in business decisions.

HTC Floor Systems

Double digit ROI by a heavy effort of Industrial Design

We helped HTC Floor systems to reclaim its market-leading position by developing a range of new floor grinders - with the focus on end user-experience. Yovinn had the honor to contribute with industrial and mechanical design expertise to create this award-winning product.


High-end haptic user experience for professionals

Behind this elegant piece of medium format camera lies a heavy effort of challenging precision mechanical design by Yovinn in collaboration with Hasselblad engineers. We are especially proud of the haptic feeling of the amazing pop-up dial.

SFX Controllers

Digitalization grows business with a bang!

A cooperation between three of our specialist sister companies turned a one-man analogue fireworks show into an industry leading business of SFX Controllers. Proving digitalization is not only for the big and mature but even more important for the small and medium sized players.
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